Hotel description

Our guests often ask, why the hotel is named "Russian Manchester". It's a well-known fact, that Manchester-city has been the world's center of textile industry for many years. We decided to highlight, that Ivanovo is a textile capital of Russia. That is why the hotel has been given such a name.
“Best Western Russian Manchester” Hotel is included in THE WORLD’S LARGEST HOTEL CHAIN® and meets the world standards of hotel services. The global standards of “Best Western Russian Manchester”, Ivanovo guarantee high level of service and quality. Modern spacious rooms, full technical equipment, wide range of extra services, free exclusive guest services, parking, good location – these are the main advantages of “Best Western Russian Manchester”.

Address: 153000, Ivanovo, Ivanovo Oblast, Ivanovo, Bubnova Street, 44

Terms of stay

These are general rules that can be changed depending on room type. Please check your room description.

Booking cancellationnot later than 24 hours prior to arrival
Children's accommodation and extra bedsExtra folding bed, baby crib, baby tub, baby step stool, baby pot upon request
Petsnot allowed
Accepted credit cardsVisa, MasterCard, American Express

Location, directions to the hotel

From the AIRPORT: trolley bus № 11 to Smirnova str. (Lezhnevskaya str.)
From the RAILWAY station: bus №№12, 13,32,115,116,150 trolley bus № 1 to Krasnoprudnaya str. (Bubnova str.) or
bus №№14,25,110 trolley bus №№ 2, 6, 8, 11 minibus №№ 37, 42 to Smirnova str.
From the BUS station: bus №№7,14,23,25,30,100 trolley bus №№ 3, 2, 7, 11 minibus №№ 7,30,31,35,37,39,42,100 to Smirnova str.

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